About us

Understanding the bend of world towards renewable energy as a future source of power; we at Maxwell Solar and Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd emerged as one of the first movers in India's renewable energy sector, with high performance track record, sustained growth and most important customer focus.

Our key differentiation is our ability to initially provide energy optimization solutions which are cheaper than renewable technologies as per the client’s requirement.

Led by first generation Entrepreneur, Mr Arif Petiwala, the Maxwell Group is inspired by the mission to provide Value Added Products and Solutions, which would not only add value to the common man, but will also help towards building a greener and a more progressive nation.

The Group with its base in Mumbai and is working towards providing a Clean, Green, Reliable Energy Solutions to Urban as well as Rural India.

The Organization works with a mission to develop value based affordable products and solutions which will help improve the living standards and also provide a long term value

Finding the insights that you need to thrive, all brought to you by an experienced team of Maxwell Solar and wind Energy Pvt Ltd . With our in-depth understanding of renewable energy technology and regulation across the globe, our experienced staff, scale and global reach, we are fully placed to help our clients tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the developing renewable energy market. Our experienced team consists of well trained technicians, Management Thinkers, Engineers and Research Scientists.