Day by day the cost for electricity is rising and business are finding ways to cut cost increasing brand equity and at the same time practicing their social responsibilities. This concerned factor for corporate and businesses has led to only viable option is to switch over to alternate renewable energy for their needs.

Switching to non-conventional form of energy not only helps reduce their dependability on grid system with high power tariffs but also helps in achieving green target, that is reliable, renewable, and clean source of energy.

  • Solar Energy:
    Corporate and Business develop strategies on the basis of long run and solar energy is the best alternative for long run; choosing it as the investment that can easily be recovered within few years in the form of reduced electricity bills. The other advantage is that it demands less maintenance; easy installation and being highly efficient, it is slowly taking the place of grid based costly energy.
  • Wind Energy:
    Wind turbines are the best suited option for Farm Houses, Industries with big open space with good circulation of winds. India, although a relative newcomer to the wind industry compared with Denmark or the United States, India has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. In 2009-10 India's growth rate was highest among the other top four countries. It shows the bend towards wind energy by Corporate and Businesses as it reduces the high commercial energy costs by 70-80%.
  • Hybrid Batteries:
    Hybrid batteries run on both Wind Power and Solar power that can be used to store the energy produced by sun and wind.