Energy Audit

  1. Instrumental Audit to verify the load consumption pattern of each of the equipment, integrate them, plot th e daily load cure and confirm same with the recorded energy on a typical production day.
  2. Further we may have to find out various possibilities of modification of process flow/timing patterns so as to control the demand and use of energy
  3. Study the process flow, plant activities, current operational practices and determine the status of the electrical installation

On conducting the above audit, we shall then be able to:

  1. Analyse energy use for identification of opportunities to save energy consumption
  2. Prioritise areas of energy consumptiongs in energy

Thus the entire audit process would involve the following:

  1. Review of electrical installation from point of supply to final usage of all major electrical loads
  2. Offer Energy Management Solution
  3. Audit report containing observations and recommendations

Requirement from your end

We will require following documents for the purpose of audit:

  1. Single Line Diagram (SLD) of electrical installation and earthing system
  2. Connected load details and process cycle time.
  3. A representative from your side who is conversant with all the electrical systems and on site operations and who will accompany our engineer throughout the audit
  4. Electricity bills for the past 12 months