School & Education Institute

India is facing an acute energy scarcity which is hampering its industrial growth and economic progress. Today every school has a subject how to take care of the environment and opting for renewable energy is the answer for it. Schools are the first place where a child gets to learn in detail about the environment they live and its depleting resources.

Today, across the country, schools, colleges and people are keen on acceptance of green energy. With growing concern every day, caring for the fragile environment around us, they want to set precedence for the future.

  • Solar Energy:
    In India, Schools and Educational institutes consist of big open space, mostly the roof, the schools and colleges are perfect to setup rooftop solar panels and even we have abundant excess to sunlight. Switching on to green energy not only help reducing electricity cost but also provide a safe, clean, environment for study.
  • Wind Energy:
    In India, Wind Energy is the other viable option for Schools and Educational institutes as they consist of big open space. They are quite cost effective in long run and can recover its cost over the time in reduced electricity bills. Wind mills is very good option in the absence of sun light to provide clean electricity.
  • Hybrid Batteries:
    A growing strong demand for a powerful, consistent and greener alternative over solar and wind energy is Hybrid Batteries. Switch over to Hybrid Batteries is their ability to produce high power and being rechargeable making them a pocket friendly option.